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A Place Like No Other, Find Yours with Cambria Estate Winery®

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From the porch, my eyes roam the Washington valleys. The view is a familiar one, rolling fields 
set ablaze by the sinking sun, conjuring memories from out of my heart like visions of a past life. 
I sip my wine, and swirl the ruby liquid in the base of my glass, my eyes following its rippling 
“No place else,” a familiar voice reminds me. 
A wind howls in from the North, lashing over the valleys, and my eyes chase the breeze into the 
dark of the approaching night. The light of the first stars puncture the dark, like the first embers 
of a campfire. A love-struck tragedy, I see their faces again, bathed in the glow of our midnight 
“A place like no other,” I repeat. 
Moments more, and the sun disappears over the horizon, the last embers of sunset glistening like 
amber jewels. 
I pour myself another glass, my eyes glancing over the label, and my mind drifts off to the 
foothills of the Santa Maria Valley, California, and the family owned Cambria Estate Winery®.
Home to world-class wines of the Pacific Coast, Cambria’s unique wines come from four separate vineyards,  each with its own specialization.
Katherine’s Vineyard, named after owner Barbara Banke’s eldest daughter, is planted in 
sand and granite soils with moderate weather that allows the fruit to reach full ripeness while 
maintaining the balancing acids. Katherine’s Vineyard produces a crisp line of Chardonnay with 
rich fruity aromas and a refreshing finish.
Julia’s Vineyard was named after Barbara Banke’s younger daughter. This vineyard is located 
at the heart of the Santa Maria Bench. The vineyard is sustainably farmed and offers one of 
the longest growing seasons in California. Julia’s specialty lies in distinct and diverse Pinot 
Noirs. Some provide bright floral aromatics, while others offer an earthy note, a supple texture 
or a firm backbone.
The Bench Break Vineyard is formed from ancient erosions of Monterey shale and quartz. It 
features shallow, pebbly soil which restricts vine vigor and in turn promotes smaller berries 
for more concentrated flavors. The results lend a rich, intense and powerful Pinot Noir and 
The Tepusquet Vineyard is on a downward slope that shelters the vines from Santa Maria’s 
prevailing winds. The soils of Tepusquet were once the site of a prehistoric river bed offering 
sandy, porous grounds for rich, ripe wines with great balancing acidity. From this special 
terroir, Tepusquet offers Syrah, a deep, spicy blend of plush dark fruit. Tepusquet is also home 
to a pair of Cambria’s exclusive wines available only at the winery and to club members.
With its valleys and foot hills influenced by the coastal shores and California sun, Cambria’s hand-crafted wines offer quality like no other.
Visit the Cambria blog for terrific recipes, DIY tips and news from the Cambria Estate Winery VineyardsThe legal drinking age is 21 years old, as always please drink responsibly.

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