Pie for Pi

This post is sponsored for Glam Media & Foodie.com.  All featured recipes are chosen by me. 


I bet you did not know that March 14th is Pi day did you?  Maybe a very select group of you like our Michelle at From Calculus to Cupcakes or Jodie from Binomial Baker knew this, but for most of us, this is a lost holiday.  


Why should it be? Why not celebrate Pi Day? I love math as do my kids.  To this day I can recite Pi. Why not celebrate this miraculous infinite number?  

What would be the most appropriate way to celebrate Pi Day? Yes, you guessed it as the pun in the title suggests.  You should celebrate Pi with Pie. 

I’ve done a little searching and you should definitely check out all of these pies in this slide show from myself and many of my foodie friends.  

I hope you enjoy and embrace your inner math geek (and measure precisely) for Pi Day! 



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