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Patio Green Beans a Snap with #HarrisSeeds Garden Sense

mascotte bean patio

Patio Green Beans a Snap with #HarrisSeeds

Remember those little strings running down the sides of green beans? In fact, growing up I only knew snap beans referred to as “string beans”. One of my earliest gardening memories involves sitting at the kitchen table with a colander full of freshly picked green beans in my lap. My job was to snap off the stem ends and pull off those little strings.

I’ve always loved green beans, but I never tried growing green beans in a container. So when Harris Seeds offered me Mascotte Beans to trial as one of the first growers through special arrangements with the breeder, I jumped at the chance! I’m so glad I get to share this bean with you.
Thing is, I didn’t get the seeds until mid-summer. But that was perfect timing because these beans are cool weather suited and should be planted to harvest in late August through September!

These dwarf green bean plants reach a height of 16″ to 18″ at maturity, a perfect size for containers. This seeds are perfect for windowboxes, small space gardens and edible ornamental beds too.

As a bonus, Mascotte Beans are resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus, Anthracnose and Pseudomonas (Halo Blight).
It is no wonder that Mascotte Beans were chosen as a 2014 All America Selections Winner! This means it has been proven to grow well in ALL regions of the United States. No, 2014 is not a misprint. These beans will be available for your garden next year. You can learn more or order these tasty beans at .


Here are some of my favorite green bean recipes.

Ham and String Beans Slow-Cooker Style
Tomato Green Bean Feta Salad

I received a packet of Mascotte seeds from Harris Seeds to trial and evaluate. I was under no obligation to post an article or write a review. Opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily those of Daily Dish Magazine.

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