Outdoor Decorating with Arbors


I love to garden…it’s one of my favorite things about spring;

getting back to working in my garden!  


One of the things I would love someday to be able to do is have a trellis

or an arbor at the entrance to our vegetable garden.  

I went searching around the web to find some really pretty examples of a trellis

or an arbor to share with you today…


As an entrance into your garden or backyard…

9f7a4f41b02d5c7e498210e19597ace4(Photo Credit:  Pinterest)

I love this look!

Old ladders turned into a trellis…

1427fd58d5e7f7f9d7aa1bb14f77134f(Photo Credit:  Pinterest)

You can always plant a small miniature version of an arbor/trellis

in a potted plant on your back porch…

8e2ef9c1e3100a92ddb03e4def10e429(Photo Credit:  Fairy Gardens)

Can you picture yourself sitting on one of these benches in the middle of summer?

The green vine is providing wonderful coverage from the sun…

fd07efa5bc0d811423b719a796a7dde8(Photo Credit:  ehow.com)

I love the look of this trellis on the back deck to help provide some protection from the sun. 

This is beautiful…

pplmo5325fd02953d3(Photo Credit:  Hometalk)

How about a trellis in your vegetable garden?

My husband actually made something very similar to these for our tomato plants…

0ed9a5889c27430e8d1411a7b0193c37(Photo Credit:  Garden Design)

I love the use of the branches…

grd0512_el1(Photo Credit:  Garden Design)

I think when most people think of arbors or a trellis they think of the one below, 

covered in roses…

533578212bd9abdba42fe57837948f30(Photo Credit:  Better Homes and Gardens)

As an entrance to your house…

BHG104860.jpg.rendition.largest(Photo Credit:  Better Homes and Gardens)

Before we moved to PA, my family and I lived in NJ. 

Our neighbors were recent immigrants from Bangladesh and they planted an arbor like this one

pictured here.  YES, our neighbors were growing  gourds on the arbor.  

One day my husband and I went over and stood underneath the arbor.

It was peaceful and beautiful and surprisingly much cooler under the arbor… 

4a4a2e5226db2f1c696142702112f0dd(Photo Credit:  Pinterest)

 This arbor with strawberries growing would be fun and delicious…

d03de7ed98f3531c2e171c28e24fea4c(Photo Credit:  Pinterest)

So there you have a few different ideas of how to incorporate arbors or a trellis into your garden.

I will be showing this post to my hubby!  








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