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Oranjestad Aruba Trolley a Step Toward 100% Renewable Energy in Aruba

Oranjestad's "Green" Trolley

While visiting Aruba I had the opportunity to take a ride on the islands new “Green” Trolley.  The Aruba Trolley is a small step in a large plan toward becoming the first island to be using 100% renewable energy.  It conveniently takes tourist from the resort area to Oranjestad’s downtown for local shopping and dining. 

Oranjestad Aruba City Center

The streetcar is stunning in a brilliant blue with gold accents, a spiral staircase leading to an upper deck and beautiful wooden benches.  There are no wires and cables to take away from the aesthetics.  Instead, it utilizes a high tech hybrid electric technology to drive the car.  

Oranjestad's "Green" Trolley

Small steps are being taken across the island such as the “green” trolley to move toward becoming the world’s first sustainable economy.  Drive out to into the Arikok National Wildlife Park and you will see windmills creating natural energy and near the airport you will find the Desalinization Plant where Aruba desalinates 100% of water.  

Views from the Oranjestad Trolley

The focus of this project brings visitors from the popular tourist resort area of the island to the center of Oranjestad where you will find local businesses and many dining options.   It’s a scenic ride and doesn’t take long for you to reach your destination.  There are several trolley stops along the route where you can hop off and on as you wish.  Grab a Pastechi and do a bit of shopping without worry of driving around the island.  Best of all, the ride is free! 


Source: Sustainable Business , Aruba Tourism Authority


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