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Orange You Glad For Beta-Carotene

Orange You Glad For Beta-Carotene
Cindy Kerschner

Everyone recognizes pumpkins, butternut squash and carrots as great vegetable sources for Beta-Carotene by their bright orange color. Did you know that leafy greens like kale, collards, mustard greens and turnip greens are equally (and in some cases better) sources of this important antioxidant?
Current research indicates that consuming a diet rich in Beta-Carotene containing foods may reduce the risks of certain cancers and offer some protection against heart disease. Beta-Carotene converts into vitamin A in our bodies which benefits our overall health.
To get the most Beta-Carotene benefits from these foods you need to cook them with a little fat! What’s that you say, “I’m trying to avoid fat, that’s WHY I’m eating veggies!” I hear you, really I do!
Remember all you need to do is choose an appropriate fat. Beta-Carotene is water soluble and needs to cling to fat molecules for our bodies to absorb it.
Selecting olive oil for example, will do the trick and you get the added bonus of Omega-3!
Here are some great sources of Beta-Carotene:

Sweet potato
Turnip greens, frozen
Winter squash
Carrots and carrot juice
Dandelion greens
Yellow and orange peppers

Remember that for good overall health you need to consume Beta-Carotene in moderation or take the chance of developing Carotenodermia! That’s right it’s the dreaded orange skin condition from eating too many carrots (but they are so delicious)! Don’t worry. The color goes away when you stop eating them unless you are a flamingo! That’s right, flamingoes get their pinkish color from eating algae containing Beta-Carotene.

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This article is intended for educational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Consult your doctor before starting any new diet.
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Cindy's Recipes and Writings

As a professional cook, I love creating exciting new recipes on the job as well as at home. Assisting in teaching low-income families how to buy, store and prepare healthy food through Penn State’s alliance with Pennsylvania’s Supercupboard Program was very rewarding. During my 11 years with the Master Gardener program, I taught horticultural therapy to assisted living patients using healthful, fr
esh grown food as a focal point. . My hands-on programs and instruction helped hundreds of children and adults learn about where their food comes from and how important fresh food is for your body.
Currently I’m a cook at a college in Pennsylvania. We prepare everything we can from scratch, including our potato chips that tout the seasoning of the day!
Of course I write about food; it's in my blood!

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