Onions on a neutral, mostly white background
Onions on a neutral, mostly white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Onions are a great way to add flavor to so many dishes. Red onions used raw, white, yellow for cooking Spanish for frying, green scallions, every one brings its unique twist on “onion” to the dish.

These bulbs are easily changed into a variety of forms, each makes your dish taste slightly different and offers different textures. Whole, fresh onions are often too strong for some dishes. Try dried minced onion in soups and gravies. The liquid in these dishes benefit from the subtle onion flavor. As it reconstitutes, onion takes on the flavor of the liquid too!
Save powdered onion and granulated onion for seasoning mixes and dry rubs. The powdered form of onion cakes when added directly to liquids.
According to the National Onion Association, onions are high in vitamin C and are a good source of fiber and other key nutrients. Onions are fat free and low in calories.

Here are a few recipes that use onions in all its glory!

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