Nutmeg (Photo credit: Nikita Avvakumov)

Nutmeg is a classic spice used in cooking as well as baking. Mace and nutmeg come from the same aromatic evergreen tree found in Asia and Indonesia. Mace is the outer coating of the nutmeg seed.

Dried nutmeg seeds are sold whole and grated as needed for dishes or you can purchase the spice already ground.

As a warm spice it combines well with cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, ginger, and mace.

Nutmeg’s unique flavor enhances bechamel  sauce, eggnog and mulled wines. I use it instead of cinnamon if I want a more earthy taste in baked goods.

Nutmeg can also be found in popular spice blends like Garam Masala.

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