Rachel Kramer photo via Flickr creative commons https://flic.kr/p/hhApLR
Rachel Kramer photo via Flickr creative commons https://flic.kr/p/hhApLR

Mums are a fall favorite plant. Use them as potted decorations in your fall displays.
These perennial beauties come in every shade of the rainbow. White too!
We moved into our present home in the middle of winter. There were all kinds of perennials planted by the previous owner. Some I recognized; some I did not.
But when the mums started coming in, I became curious which colors they would bloom.
I wound up with white, yellow, peach, pink and purple ones!
Here are some tips on growing and caring for mums.
• Plant mums in the spring for the best fall blooming show. Mums planted early in the season are more likely to come back in fall.
• These flowers need little special care.
• Plant in a sunny location. Fertilize in spring.
• To keep plants compact and bushy, pinch back new growth early in the season. You can prune mums in spring to encourage side shoots. Fall prune after blooming ceases.

Learn more about Chrysanthemums and mum care at National Chrysanthemum Society, USA .

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