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Montreal Steak Seasoning Know Your Herbs and Spices #DailyDishMagazine

Montreal At Night
Montreal At Night (Photo credit: Anirudh Koul)

Montreal Steak Seasoning blends traditional British beef seasoning with French influence. The two styles together make a sought after steak rub unique enough to be consider in its own category.
This coarse mixture of crushed black pepper, kosher salt, garlic, coriander, dill, red pepper flakes brings out the natural flavor of the steak. Like any spice blend attributed to a region, Montreal Steak seasoning will vary slightly from locale to locale. Some blends also include caraway seed, thyme and lemon peel.
The first recorded use of this blend was to preserve meat in a deli in Canada in the late 1920’s.
Montreal seasoning can also be added to your burger mix or sprinkled over fried potatoes or French fries. We also served it at work over fried eggs.
According to one source, there is a local steak sandwich favorite made with seared flank or skirt steak, Montreal Seasoning, mushrooms and onions.

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