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Money Saving Made Easy for BBQ Season

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Lime Salsa

Thanks to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post!

During summer and into fall, we spend every evening on the patio whether it’s gathering with friends or just hanging out with family. We prefer to do all our cooking on the BBQ whenever we can to avoid heating up the house. Now with the new Foster Farms on-pack DORI™ QR code, I can scan and save money with exclusive coupons, hundreds of original recipes, special savings, and even a map of Foster Farms’ local California and Pacific Northwest chicken ranches!

It’s easy to spot the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code in stores with DORI™ and the QR code right on the label. Foster Farms is one of the first fresh meat/poultry companies with an on-pack QR code for your convenience.

Saving money and finding new recipes couldn’t be any easier. With the new iOS 11 and Android updates, no download is needed. Simply open your camera on your iPhone or Android device to scan and save!

Today, I saved $1.00 off my purchase using the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code!

I cruised through the recipe section and picked the perfect recipe for our Fall BBQ.

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry-Lime Salsa.

We have an abundance of fresh blueberries and jalapenos from the garden stored so this recipe is perfect! To find it, simply scan the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code in stores or visit the site directly from your home computer.

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Lime Salsa

Making this for a BBQ is super easy.

I cut my chicken into smaller serving size portions which also makes the grill time a bit faster.

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Lime Salsa

The marinade for the chicken is only a few simple ingredients and results in chicken so tender and flavorful.

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Lime Salsa

While I let the chicken marinade, I put together the blueberry salsa. Again, this time of year, all of these ingredients were harvested in my own garden but can be found in any market. I like my salsa a bit chunky so I left my berries whole but I think doing a quick chop in the food processor would result in a delicious sauce like salsa for this dish too.

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Lime Salsa

This recipe is a light healthy meal and everyone loved it.

A perfect way to celebrate Fall!

Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Lime Salsa

Grab this recipe, get savings and more using the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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