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Mocha Caramel Iced Coffee

Mocha Caramel Iced Coffee - Daily Dish Magazine.

The first day of summer is a week away.  With summer comes hot weather and the need to have drinks to cool us down.  Coffee is a popular drink within the world.   I decided to do some research on coffee.  Did you know that Finland drinks the most coffee?  Also women drink more coffee then men.  Being of the health care profession, I thought that medical people would be the top profession that drank coffee, but I was wrong.  Depending on the site I looked at scientist or food preparation workers drank the most coffee, medical personnel were anywhere from 4- 8 in the list.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffees have become more popular, mainly because of coffee chains like Starbucks, Caribou coffee, Dunkin Doughnuts and in Canada Tim Hortons.   Are you a cold or hot coffee drinker?  Many coffee drinkers will not touch it if it is cold and vise versa, many non-coffee drinkers will guzzle it down if it is cold.   For me when I was a big coffee drinker I would not drink it cold and still won’t if it is just cold coffee with ice cubes.  Over the years I have started to drink iced coffee as long as it has some kind of flavor to it.  Probably because it is sweetened.  

To make a good cup of iced coffee, most people will say to make a cold brewed coffee instead of making hot coffee and letting it cool or pouring it over rocks.  To make a cold brew coffee, you need to let it sit overnight.   I also freeze left over coffee in ice cube trays so that my iced coffees aren’t watered down.

Mocha Caramel Iced Coffee

Yield: 1

Combination of Chocolate and Caramel with iced coffee that is more like a dessert then a drink.


  • 1/2 cup cold brewed coffee
  • dozen ice cubes (made from left over coffee)
  • 1/2 can condensed milk (I used 1/2 cup ice cream)
  • 1 tbsp chocolate syrup ( I used hot fudge topping)
  • 1 tbsp caramel syrup (I used homemade caramel sauce and used 2 tbps)
  • whipped topping for the top optional


  1. Optional chill glass.
  2. Add all ingredients into blender except whipped topping. Blend until smooth
  3. Pour into chilled glass
  4. Top with whipped topping.
  5. Garnish with chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, dusting of cocoa or combination of each or all if you want.
  6. Serve with a spoon and enjoy.


  • Instructions to make cold brewed coffee is below recipe.

Cold Brew Coffee:

1/2 cup medium ground coffee ( I used Haitian Blue Mountain from Darrin’s Coffee Co)

4 cups water

Add both water and coffee into French Press.  Cover container with tin foil and leave in fridge overnight for best results.  I usually do mine for at least 6 hours.  In the morning using the press, press down ground coffee.   Enjoy over ice or use in specialty iced coffee.

You can also strain your coffee through a cheesecloth or coffee filter if you don’t have a French Press.  Pour coffee slowly through strainer that is covered with either cheesecloth or coffee filter.

You could add or decrease the amount of coffee you use depending on your taste.  This is how I like mine as I  use coffee ice cubes in my drink.

Sources:  Holy Kaw! All the topics that interest us, Let’s Do Coffee


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  2. Oh yeh Baby! This is right up my alley…love me some iced coffee drinks for the summer. Will be trying this one soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. I hope that you like it if you try it… Let me know what you think.

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