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Mexican Mole Seasoning Know Your Herbs and Spices

Mexican Mole Seasoning

Mole (sauce) paste on display
Mole (sauce) paste on display (Photo credit: logatfer)

Sometimes people hear the word Mole (pronounced Mo Lay) and think chocolate. In reality, chocolate has little to do with it and if chocolate flavor is desired cacao is added at the end of cooking.
Classic Mexican Mole uses chiles as the base. What makes a mole special is which pepper and from what region that pepper originated.
To make a mole base, native Mexican spices are added like Mexican oregano and thyme. Seeds from pumpkins, peanuts and dried fruit are also added. Tomatillos and cilantro, classic in Mexican cooking get thrown in the pot. Today this blend also contains warm spices like cinnamon.
This combination is ground together, compressed into brick forms and dried.
Pieces of this spice block are reconstituted with broth, tomatoes or water to make thick gravy. Mole mainly is served over turkey or chicken but other meats can be used.

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