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Memory Jars for a Bridal Shower with Printables

At the beginning of the year we shared a post with you on Memory Jars
It’s a wonderful way to save memories for your family throughout the year.
Take a jar and use it all year round to hold family memories.
You can add little notes, ticket stubs, photos, etc to the jar throughout the year.
At the end of the year, you take some time to go through the jar with your family.
You can either close up the jar and keep as a time capsule, or empty the jar 
and begin a new set of memories for the new year.
I took the idea of a Memory Jar to a different level with my 
daughter’s bridal shower a few weeks ago.
I decided to make a Memory Jar that guests could 
write “Words of Wisdom” to the bride and groom and place inside the jar.
I placed a display table in one area of the room where we held the bridal shower.
On this table I placed the glass jar and papers for guests to leave encouraging
words to my daughter and her fiance.  


A simple printable sign explaining how each guest could help
create a Memory Jar for the happy couple…
I used a simple glass jar and added glass beads to the bottom.
Guests placed the papers into the jar when they finished writing their
Words of Wisdom…
The jar and sign made a nice display on the table with all the other photos…
One of the guests taking a few moments to fill out a card…
Here are the printables needed to create your own Memory Jar for a Bridal Shower…


Wedding Words of Wisdom Memory Jar Label



Click to Print: Wedding Words of Wisdom Memory Jar




Wedding Words of Wisdom Memory Jar Instructions


Click to Print: Words of Wisdom Wedding Instructions




Wedding Words of Wisdom Memory Papers


Click to Print: Mason Jar Memory Papers



All photographs were taken by our friend Suzanne Transue Photography.

Please visit her Facebook page HERE.  



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