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Meal Planning Made Simple e-Book Review

Meal Planning Made Simple from Little House Living

meal planning make simple

Buy it here: Meal Planning Made Simple

I had the pleasure of getting a free copy of Meal Planning Made Simple by Merissa Alink to give my feedback.  Let me tell you, she has done a wonderful job with this e-book.  If you are looking for an easy and to the point guide to meal planning, this might just be what you are looking for.

Merissa walks us through different ways to meal plan, how to make your lists, and how to prepare and follow through with your plan.

She has some great suggestions on an easy way to make your menus for the week too.

Included at the end are a series of downloadable printables of lists and charts to help you get started planning.

This is a crazy busy time of the year for most of us and I know we end up eating out far too much.  I think if I follow some of these simple suggestions and utilize the worksheets, then I will be more organized in no time!  Thanks Merissa.

Visit Merissa at her Blog:  Little House Living

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