2018 Mazda 6

Thank you Mazda for supplying me with a vehicle to test drive while playing in LA for the weekend!

You may have read my recent story about how I lost 45 pounds in 2018 – now up to 50 pounds! If you haven’t, getting active again was a big part of my move toward getting healthy again. To get moving, I turned to using my elliptical machine at home while watching Kpop videos that my oldest daughter introduced me to… the first band being BTS. Long story short, I told her if they ever tour in America again, we would go see them live… well a few months later they announced their tour so we battled to get tickets in LA (all the shows sold out in under 5 minutes each!), one of the closest venues and we booked our trip!

To get around Los Angeles, I wanted a fun sporty car that my daughter and I could explore the city in. Enter the 2018 Mazda 6. I’ve been a fan of Mazda’s for some time and own a 2010 Mazda 3 which I’ve now passed down my daughter, so I was excited for the opportunity to drive the “big sister” to the Mazda 3!

2018 Mazda 6

This car has so much style! It’s a full-size car but looks sleek and sporty. The interior is beautiful and comfortable. I love the way the console is laid out making it really easy for the driver to control everything. But the best part of this car is the way it handles with smooth and quick acceleration and maneuverability of a small car to navigate the bustling freeways of LA! You can change it into “sport” mode on the fly with a touch of a button and really get moving quick which is handy when you need to do speedy lane changes.

This car also has a TON of room in the trunk which would be perfect when we travel as a family (3 girls don’t pack light).  Look how much room is left over with our 2 big bags!

We made it to our destination downtown and settled in for our girls trip and to prepare to see BTS in a few days. On our free day, we decided to take the car to Koreatown… after all, if we are in LA to see a Korean boy band, we should immerse ourselves in the culture right.

I found the car handles the stop and go of the city nicely as well. Super quiet ride except for the awesome sound of the radio which we blue toothed in our Kpop Spotify playlist! Parking was also super easy in a very tight parking garage too using the backup camera.

While my daughter found all sorts of Kpop treasures at the KTown malls, I was busy exploring the market, pastry, and coffee shops!

The next day was all about getting ready for BTS visiting the “fan experience” and waiting patiently for entrance to the concert. The waiting was certainly worth it and the concert was amazing!

BTS LA Love Yourself Tour 2018

These guys certainly know how to put on a great show.

Highly recommend seeing them live if you can!

All the fun did have to come to an end the next morning and we grabbed the Mazda 6 and headed back to LAX airport to fly back home. We put our destination into the navigation system and set out early since it was 7 am on a Monday morning in LA… I was dreading facing the work rush traffic. Lucky for us, the Mazda 6 navigation system is awesome and took us down alternate roads so we were on the freeway for a very short time and managed to miss the back up in traffic and avoided the toll road!

I did also get to check out the braking ability in the Mazda 6… I did mention I was driving in LA right! Well as people do, someone decided to turn in front of me while I was going through a green light and I had to hit the brake. I was actually surprised because it didn’t even feel like I hit the brake hard. We slowed down quickly and smoothly and I was able to swerve around the vehicle and proceed as it decided it should stop in the middle of the intersection instead of moving along as it turned in front of me. Not the way I like to test drive vehicles but I did feel like this was a good testimonial to the handling and safety of this car!

Now that we are home, I am reflecting on all the fun my daughter and I had, and thinking about the Mazda 6. I’d definitely highly consider it as my next family vehicle with the 5-star safety rating and the average of 26 MPG… Mazda never disappoints!

Check out a few more stock photos of the Mazda 6 below:

There are far too many specs and cool features to list out here that make this a very comfortable, fun and safe car to drive. To learn more about the Mazda 6 visit Mazda USA!

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