English: Marjoram Polski: Majeranek
English: Marjoram Polski: Majeranek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Marjoram is a member of the oregano family, which includes basil and mint. Its hard to believe those herbs can be related. That is where the similarity ends. Marjoram also called sweet marjoram has less bite than oregano and has a milder, sweeter aroma. This plant is usually considered an annual unlike its hardier cousins mint and oregano.

I prefer to use marjoram where recipes call for oregano because it doesn’t leave a distinctive aftertaste. Oregano is great on top of pizza. Marjoram is better in the sauce.

This herb comes mainly from the Mediterranean area but grows easily here in United States.

Use it in combination with other Mediterranean based herbs for Italian and Greek dishes. It pairs well with meat, chicken, seafood and white fish. You will also find it in spice blends like Herbes de Provence and Italian Seasoning.  

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