Last year our post for Memory Jars to store your memories throughout the year was very popular and we’ve had a request to bring you an updated label set for 2015.  Well of course we listen and today I am happy to bring you not only new labels but in addition, a printable for writing memories as well! 


Memory Jars 2015 


Memory Jars 2015 Free Printable Labels


Click to Print: 2015 Memory Jar Labels


And to write down all your special memories of 2015, print these keepsake sheets!

Memory Jars 2015 ~ Memory Sheets


Click to PrintMemories Labels


Check out our NEW label set too! 

All We Need is Love Printable Labels 

Love Memory Jars Promo


For a fun twist, try painting or decorating your mason jars before gluing your labels in place. I think this year I will do a fun glow in the dark paint as seen on our Forever Fairy jars so it’s fun at night too! 

Forever Fairy In a Jar





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  1. I hope its just my printer but my labels are printing blank. I’m going to try another printer to be sure.

    1. I was just able to print them from my home computer. Please let me know if you have further issues. FYI, we have all new labels coming out in a few days (New Years Day) for 2015, you might want to check back then and print up the new ones 🙂

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