Christmas Featured Fun in the Kitchen

Making candies and chocolate ~~ A sweet for the sweet.

Candies to make

Do you make candies to give for gifts or do you make them to eat for yourself.

Candies and chocolate are a great gift to give for the holiday season…

and make a wonderful hostess gift for all those parties that you will be going to.

Did you know that the first candies were used as medicinal purposes?

Today’s peppermints and cough drops are candies that came about for that purpose.

In Ancient times, candies where made of honey and sugar

and fruit and nuts were coated in these.

Candies and chocolates have come a long way!

You can make candies very simply but dipping pretzels, nuts or even fruit into chocolate

to more complicated by making designs and using different colors of chocolate and layers in your molds.

Chocolate Candies
Snowman made from mold with different colored chocolate and layers, pretzel dipped in chocolate and plastic spoons dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with candy canes

The Snowman pop was given as a gift and made by a dear friend of ours.  She makes many dozen of chocolates and candies to give out and also has used them at church fundraisers.  Her chocolates are delicious and I hope someday mine will be even half as good as hers.   The pretzels are dipped in melted chocolate ~ you can use almond bark, chocolate wafers, different types of chocolate bars ie) Hershey’s or Ghirardelli.  The plastic spoons are also dipped in chocolate and then I sprinkled crushed candy canes over the melted chocolate.

Here are a few candies and chocolates from a few of my foodie friends and myself

for you to start your Christmas candy making


Candies to make

a collection of different candies you can make

1.  This and That ~ Salted Caramels

2.  This and That ~ Homemade Turtles

3.  This and That ~ Dove Fudge

4.  This and That ~ Pumpkin Spice Fudge

5.  Feeding Big ~ Chocolate Mint Candy

6.  Feeding Big ~ Mint and Chocolate Bark

7.  Walking on Sunshine ~ Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

8. Walking on Sunshine ~ Chocolate Covered Peanuts

9. A’lil Country Sugar ~ Buckeyes

10. A’lil Country Sugar ~ Cookie Dough Truffles

11. This and That ~ Mock Cuban Lunch Bars

Happy Candy and Chocolate Making ! 


sources: Foodtime line, Candy: The Sweet History

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