How To Make Your Own Mummy Family

Mummy Family

How to Make Your Own Mummy Family

To be very honest, I don’t usually decorate for Halloween. My kids have been out on their own for several years now, and with it just being the two of us, it seemed kind of silly to do anything for this holiday. Even when the kids were still at home, I rarely did more than carve a pumpkin or two. But this year, I was just “in the mood” to come up with something for our dining room table. I started looking around the house to see what I had on hand that I could do something with. We have an over abundant amount of canning jars and recycled jars. Seriously, it is ridiculous how many we have! Any size you can think of we have it. It was really a no-brainer to choose to do something with them. I made a trip to the Dollar Tree Store, and found the perfect things to use for my project. Below I will show you how to make your own Mummy Family. 

Mummy Family

 First, you need to collect all of your supplies. I spent about $6.00 at the Dollar tree. I bought 3 packages of the creepy cloth, 1 fake hair piece, and 2 packages of little battery operated candle lights. I already the googly eyes, and the glue. 

Mummy Family

Next, you want to start wrapping the cloth around your jar. This is an exaggerated photo, but I wanted you to see that I left a little extra at the very top of the jar. I wanted to be able to cover the “head” all of the way, but you don’t have to do that. You could just leave the top fully open and just start wrapping the cloth from the top edge to the bottom. When I got to the bottom of the jars I just kind of tucked the left over cloth under another piece of cloth in the back of the jar. I figured no one would see it back there anyways, and it did a good job of holding it in place. If you wanted to, you could use the glue for a more permanent hold for that back piece. 

Mummy Family

Now that your jars are all wrapped up, you can have some fun decorating them! You could do a really simple decoration by just adding some googly eyes, or you could do a little more like I did. 

Mummy Family

I wanted them to look like a little mummy family. So, I added a little fake hair piece on the mom, a little clip for her hair, and gave the dad a hat to wear. For Junior, I just gave him some little eyes and he was good to go. I put the little battery operated candle lights inside each of them, and they were all done. Remember, you do NOT want to put burning candles inside your jar!! 

Are you making any of your own Halloween decorations? Leave me a message and tell me about it!

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