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Las Rocas Wines and Martin Codax ~ A Spanish Treat

I LOVE when the Fed Ex man appears on my doorstep asking for a signature.  Why? Because it usually means a new wine review has arrived.  When I opened my latest package I was SOOO excited.  In it was 3 bottles of Las Rocas and Martin Codax Wines from Spain.  I have had a lot of Washington and Cali wines, so I am always super ready to try international varieties! 

I had the opportunity to try 2 Spanish wines; Las Rocas 2009 Garnacha,  Las Rocas 2012 Rose and 2011 Martin Codax Albarino.  

The 2012 Garnacha is a red that embodies rich cherries and blackberries.  Just a fine amount of oak gives it a flavor of perfection.  Growing the grapes on the rocky slopes of dry Southeastern Spain give this wine an exceptional taste with a slightly higher alcohol content.  At just $15/bottle, this wine is a perfect host gift!

Los Rocas Garnacha


The Las Rocas 2012 Rose was my biggest surprise.  I am NOT a fan of Rose wines.  Very sweet wines just do not appeal to me.  The color of this wine however, really intrigued me.  It was so bold and vibrant.  Not a soft pink typical of so many Roses.  When I opened the bottle, I immediately got a hint of strawberry and raspberry.  

Los Rocas Rose

I still wasn’t convinced.  How would it taste?  I really was impressed.  It was slightly sweet but very balanced with a bit of spice giving it full flavor without an overpowering fruit presence.  I actually enjoyed just sipping on this wine without the accompaniment of food at all! 

At $15/bottle, this wine is also very affordable. 


The last bottle I tested was the Mardin Codax 2011 Albarino.  I can honestly say I have never tried an Albarino.  

Martin Codax 2011 Albarino

It is a light and crisp white wine with apple, peach, pear and lemon hints with just a bit of spice.  It is a dryer white with good acidity and is perfect for a seafood BBQ.  I actually really enjoyed this wine.  It really has a bright and bold flavor that blends into a nice smooth finish.  My only problem was I did not have a second bottle! 

Martin Codax wines can also be found for a retail price of $15 at local retailers. 


Am I sold on Spanish wines?  If they all taste like these three then I’d say YES!  I can not wait to try more! 


For more information on these wines, you can visit the official websites: 

Las Rocas

Martin Codax 




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