Dansk: Juliennejern og limefrugt
Dansk: Juliennejern og limefrugt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


♫ ♪ Put the lime in the coconut. Drink ’em all up. She say “Doctor! Is there nothing I can take to relieve this belly ache?” ♫ ♪




There is some truth to the healing powers of citrus. Flavonoids in lime help in digestion. High vitamin C in citrus has also been attributed to helping with colds, eye health and skin’s healing properties and overall condition.
Fresh lime zest brightens everyday dishes like rice and seafood. Marinades and dressings benefit from a little grating.
This little green fruit is a favorite in Mexican salsas and Caribbean seafood dishes.

Thai dishes use it with coconut as a popular flavor combo. Key lime Pie uses the juice of a different species but regular juice cab be used in a pinch.
Remember a little bit goes a long way. Use zest and juice to perk up chicken and seafood. Don’t forget it also adds a kick to cocktails like margaritas and gimlets and enhances many beer.

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Share your favorite uses for lime in the comments below!

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  1. As always, I encourage to get creative in the kitchen, never be afraid to experiment. Having citrus in your dishes is definitely an ingredient to consider using for the many healthful benefits they provide. Thanks for the informative post!!! 🙂

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