There is something special about how snow clings to plants creating a peaceful, calming effect in your yard or garden. Snowberries look wonderful in a winter landscape. This plant can be grown almost anywhere. You can enjoy it snow covered in colder regions or bring a bot of winter snow to warmer climates.

snowberry snowberries
First Editions® Galaxy™ Snowberry
Large, white berries provide interest through fall into winter.

St. Paul, Minn. (Spring 2014) – Recreate the Milky Way in your garden with First Editions® Galaxy™ Snowberry. This new variety of snowberries features large, bright-white berry clusters that cover the shrub from fall through early winter.

The weight of the berries creates an arching effect with the plant stems, adding interest and texture to the late season garden. Galaxy is especially stunning after a snowfall.

A compact and easy-to-grow shrub, Galaxy needs full sun and can tolerate average soils.

First Editions® Galaxy™ Snowberry
Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii ‘Kolmgala’ PP20,912

Zone: 4-9
Shape: Upright rounded
Height: 30- to 36-inches Foliage: Dark Green
Width: 30- to 36-inches Fruit: White
Location: Full Sun
Look for First Editions® Galaxy™ Snowberry in the purple pot at garden centers beginning spring of 2014.

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