grows in tropical climates but also is raised in California and Florida for commercial use. Many Asian cuisines use lemongrass in cooking but it most often associated with Thai, Vietnamese, and East Indies.

You can buy it fresh in Asian markets it is also sold dried.

Lemongrass has a delicate lemon flavor with just a little peppery bite. It pairs well with cilantro and turmec. 

English: Lemongrass taken at St.Andrew's-sewan...
English: Lemongrass taken at St.Andrew’s-sewanee school, sewanee, TN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is fibrous, so you need to slice it very thin and cook it until it softens or leave it as whole leaves and remove before serving.

Some popular dishes that use this grass are: green curry, coconut chicken soup and beef pho.

This grass has natural bug repelling properties. Stand pots of lemongrass near sitting areas. You will also find it listed in bug sprays for people sensitive to Deet or prefer another option. 

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  1. I just got some lemongrass from in my in-laws in Africa. It is great as a tea.

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