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Kitchen Tip…How to Store Strawberries

This week I’m sharing with you a great Kitchen Tip on 
How to Store Strawberries.
It’s that wonderful time of year when you can find strawberries
fresh from the farm in your local supermarkets.
Whether you plan on enjoying them right away or use them
in some amazing recipes, you’re going to want to know
how to properly store the strawberries because the last thing
you want is a bunch of moldy strawberries when you’re ready to 
make something amazing.  
 Do not wash the strawberries.  
Strawberries are like sponges and will soak up all the water causing them to spoil.
You can clean the strawberries with a slightly dampened paper towel to remove any dirt.  
 Check to see if any of the strawberries are moldy. 
 If there are any, remove them immediately and discard them.  
Remove the strawberries from their original package. 
Line a plastic container with a piece of paper towel or napkin and place the
strawberries inside the container, only do not crowd the container.  
The paper towel will collect any extra moisture that the strawberries have.
Do not cover the container.
Cover the strawberries lightly with another piece of paper towel
and place the container in the refrigerator.  
If you follow these simple steps, your strawberries will remain fresh
for a few days until you’re ready to enjoy them.


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