2014 Kia Soul, Girlfriends and Sun

2014 Kia Soul, Girlfriends and Sun

I was given the Kia Soul! to test drive for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

What do the Kia Soul, Girlfriends and Sun have in common?  Well, a great time, lots of laughs and a wonderful ride.  I was fortunate enough to be able to test drive a Kia Soul  to make our 50th birthday celebrations even more special then they would have been.

 Back last fall, 2 childhood friends and myself started to plan our 50th birthday celebration.   We finally decided that we wanted to go somewhere it was warm as all of us live in the north and are tired of the cold and the snow.  Florida and Captiva Island were our final decision… The Kia  Soul! gave us the opportunity to drive there in style.

Kia Soul! review - Daily Dish Magazine @Drive STI @kia

2014 Kia Soul


We were greeted by Luis at the Fort Myers Airport who gave us a wonderful tour of the car and all its gadgets and we then hit the road.  I am not sure how they knew that I loved the colour yellow (my own car is yellow and I bought it for the colour) but they must have as that is what I got… or maybe we thought they gave us a bright yellow car seeing they knew we were getting up in age and that we might have more problem losing the car when we left it.    Whatever the reason… the colour was PERFECT! 

Key-less start ~ what is that?  Ok, I have heard about it but I don’t think I have ever been in a car that had a key-less start.  I loved the way the car gave me a little welcome when I stepped in and closed the door, even before I had started it.   It did take me a few times to remember to step on the brake before hitting the start button, but this is one feature that I liked about the car.   I did try leaving the key in my purse but I had to take it out before the car would actually start.

Kia Soul!

Kia Soul!

The Kia Soul is a wonderful car to drive.  It was easy to maneuver into tight parking spots, which was an added bonus on Captiva Island.  It handled wonderfully  when we were trying to get to beach and had to maneuver around tight parking lots finding spaces.   Even though the car looks like it is close to the ground, when you were inside it didn’t feel so low.  I felt like I was driving my SUV.   This car also has lots of leg room, even in the back which was perfect as one of my friends was taller and had no problem sitting in the backseat.

Loved, loved the sunroof.  One early morning, I headed out to the beach by myself.  I rolled down the windows, opened the panoramic sunroof, put on Spa music on the Satellite radio and I really felt like I was in the tropics.  It was perfect… The sun, the mood and a perfect drive.  Nothing could be better on a vacation then being relaxed and carefree.  
Kia Soul! @Kia @DriveSTI - Daily Dish Magazine

The 2014 Kia Soul! is a great little car/crossover.  It was easy to maneuver into tight spaces but still felt like you were driving a bigger vehicle.   With touch screen capabilities and everything you need to make your trip comfortable at your fingertips as you drive.  It is the perfect car and one that I will be looking more into when we decide to buy a new car.

To find out more information about these cars head over to Kia.

Thank you STI for giving me this opportunity to test drive this wonderful car.

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