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How to Keep Jack O’Lanterns Fresh

Halloween is almost upon us, and many of us will be carving Jack O’Lanterns this weekend in preparation for Halloween Festivities.  My family and I love to carve and decorate lots of pumpkins to decorate our front porch for Halloween.  I found a great tip on Pinterest  that tells you how to keep Jack O’Lanterns fresh through Halloween!

Have  you ever carved the perfect Jack O’Lantern,  only to find it collapsed and rotten on your front porch before Halloween even arrives?  I know I have, and it’s disappointing to see your artwork smushed and smelly on the porch!

You can simply coat the inside of your Jack O’Lantern with petroleum jelly; this will keep it from drying out and it will also slow the growth of mold.  Or, you can mix a small amount of bleach to a spray bottle filled with water and spray your Jack O’Lantern with the mixture daily; the water will keep the pumpkin from drying, and the bleach will fight mold.

Check out these and other pumpkin carving tips and tools on Halloween Ideas from HGTV!


How to keep jack o' lanterns fresh



Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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