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Katie from King of the Nerds Season 2 Talks with Daily Dish Magazine

Katie on King of the Nerds

If you haven’t caught The King of Nerds, now in Season 2 on TBS, you are missing out on a bundle of fun.  Hosted by “Nerd” icons, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong from the classic movie “Revenge of the Nerds”, this reality show brings together nerds of all types who want to prove they have what it takes to be “King of the Nerds!”.  

King of the Nerds Robert and Curtis at Nerdvana
King of the Nerds Robert and Curtis at Nerdvana
Photo: Trae Patton

This series really shows that there is no ONE type of nerd and that you should be proud of what you know and what your passions are.  It appeals to all ages and truly entertains.  I am so beyond thrilled that TBS has given me the opportunity to do some Q & A’s with the cast of Season 2.  Since this is my 11 year old daughters very favorite show, I let her come up with the questions! 

Our first interview we got back was from Katie.  The spunky purple haired robotics and puppeteering expert.  We were sad to see her have to leave Nerdvana this week after a tough loss to Jack.  

Katie on King of the Nerds
Katie ~ King of the Nerds
Photo: Trae Patton


1. How does it feel to be picked to be on King of the Nerds?
It’s really exciting to get to represent lady engineers as well as puppeteers who seem to be one of the more forgotten nerd populations. 
I hope I’ll be able to inspire at least a few young girls to pursue careers in science- because it’s not just for boys, and it’s completely within their grasp! 
2. Why do you think you will be “The King of the Nerds”?
I’m hoping that my combination of engineering and art will give me an edge over more narrowly focused nerds. 

3. What is your favorite part of Nerdvana?
The slushie machine. 

4. What is your favorite cartoon?
Right now I’m a big fan of Bobs Burgers, but if we’re going for all time I might have to say Rugrats or Doug.
5. What is your favorite food?
Mashed potatoes.

6. What is your job? Do you like it? Why or why not? 
I’m currently conducting robotics research with Disney Imagineering R&D- it’s literally the best job I could possibly imagine.
7. What are your hobbies?
Dance. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and still take classes and choreograph for CMU’s Dancers Symposium.
I also really love baking cupcakes. 

8. What is your favorite animal? Do you have pets?
Cephalopods are awesome. I guess an octopus would be my real favorite though because they’re so good at dexterous manipulation with a simple muscular hydrostat. (Also they can change colors and squeeze into tiny spaces, which is pretty sweet.) 
No, I don’t have any pets. 

9. Have you ever failed a test?
I went to a really tough undergrad, The Cooper Union, where the tests are hard and there is no curve. I got my fair share of C’s, which was pretty common there. It doesn’t mean I didn’t learn the material, just that my professors were particularly sadistic! 

10. Can you speak a different language?
I took French throughout high school, but now j’ai oublie partout. 

11. What were you for Halloween last year?
Miley Cyrus.

12. Do you play any sports?
I dance, ski, snowboard, and participate in a CMU sport called Buggy. 
Aside from some failed efforts involving Volleyball and Curling in college, that’s about it. 

13. Who is your best friend in Nerdvana?
Don’t make me choose!!

14. What advice do you have for young kids in school? 
If you find something you really love- sports, writing, science, art… whatever- then throw yourself at it and don’t pay attention to what anyone else says. 
Don’t let anyone tell you ‘no’. ​


Katie on King of the Nerds
Katie on King of the Nerds
Photo: Trae Patton


After all we already knew about Katie and then getting this interview back, she quickly rose as a favorite “nerd” in our book.  She is such an inspiration to young girls and hey… anyone who works in Disney Imagineering is tops in my book!

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for King of the Nerds on TBS at 10pm ET/PT to see what happens next in Nerdvana!


Thank you so much Katie for your wonderful answers and for making the time to chat with us.  

Keep up with Katie on Twitter @KatieCorrell


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