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Just What is in a Martini? Classic Martini Recipe

When I went to dinner recently with some friends, one of them ordered a Martini.  Just a plain old classic Martini.  I got me to thinking that if you order a “Martini” just what is it that you are going to get.  Since I see so many “Martini” drinks out there which all really seem to vary in ingredients.  Just what is in a “REAL Martini”?  Well let me tell you and share a Classic Martini Recipe. 

A Martini… a real true Martini contains Gin and Vermouth served with either an olive or lemon twist.  That’s it.  The ratio might change for your taste, but that is the extent.  No fruit, no rum, no vodka, no liquors.  So why do all these other drinks call themselves a Martini? 

Classic Martini
Classic Dry Martini
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Well the answer is actually fairly simple.  If they serve it in a “Martini Glass” then they will call it a Martini regardless of the ingredients.  In fact, Smirnoff Vodka has a whole bunch of “Martini Recipes” on their website all made with Vodka. 

Seems kind of silly if you ask me… I don’t pour Vodka with lime  in my wine glass and call it Lime Wine.  Just my logical side giving it’s two cents.  

Anyhoo, since I DO have a Martini Glass, and love to be creative with drinks, I, myself and going to get creative and post some of my very own “Martini Recipes” in the upcoming months! 

Until then, lets start with the Classic Martini! 

Classic Dry Martini


  • 1.25 oz. Gin
  • Vermouth
  • Lemon or Green Olive
  • Ice


  1. Place ice in a shaker
  2. Pour in Gin
  3. Add splash of Vermouth
  4. Shake
  5. Strain into Martini Glass
  6. Garnish with Lemon Twist or Green Olive


  • I prefer the shaker method to stirring and doubling/tripling the recipe and serving with the shaker. I always have more than one! I also like to add a little zest of the lemon to mine personally.


What’s YOUR favorite Martini?  Do you like yours with lemon or olive?  Let’s hear from YOU! 







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