Double Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen' -
I’m sure you’ve heard the term referring to kids, “Growing like a weed” before. Have you ever heard, “Growing like an Amaryllis”?
A hearty Amaryllis can grow up to an inch per day!
This phenomenon sparks annual Amaryllis growing races. According to The Daily Press, Amaryllis is in the process of usurping the Poinsettia as a family holiday tradition. While Poinsettias are great for one season, Amaryllis are more impressive plants, and can come back year after year.
What we call “Amaryllis” is actually a hybrid of Hippeastrum, an easy to grow plant with large colorful flowers.
Hippeastrum has already become a popular indoor winter bloomer. These plants make great gifts.
Now is the time to start these bulbs to bloom in about 8 weeks. These plants are perfect for holiday decorations.
I’ve owned many of these bulbs over the years and they truly are a thing of beauty. But I’ve never raced growing one. I ready to try!
Would you like to compete? Spread the word to family and friends.
Amaryllis bulbs can be purchased at most home and garden centers or at Jackson and Perkins .
You can post your plant progress on instagram using the hashtag, #AmaryllisChallenge.
Good luck at the races!

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