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It’s a Fingerling Thing #KnowYourFruitsandVeggies

red blue fingerlings

fingerling dinner

Fingerling potatoes grow short and small, resembling fingers. These potatoes are variants of different species found throughout the world. Fingerlings are harvested as full size potatoes. They are not the same as new potatoes or “baby” potatoes but they are just as cute!

fingerlings box

Besides classic white potatoes, fingerlings come in red, yellow and blue! These sound like a great idea for a July 4th potato salad!

red blue fingerlings

Of course classic fried potatoes are awesome too!

fingerlings fry

It is recommended to cook these thin skinned potatoes with the skins on. Store fingerlings in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh up to 5 weeks.
These potatoes are low in calories and high in vitamin C.

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