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Is Mazatlan the World’s Next Culinary Vacation Destination?

Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlan, a bustling port city situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico, has long been a west coast getaway for spring break revelers and snowbirds. Now as the tourism industry is starting to boom, growth in Mazatlan is doing the same with new resorts, activities and of course, sensational new restaurants. In fact, the gastronomic culture is not only flourishing in Mazatlan, it is influencing the food culture all around the world bringing food lovers from all regions.

Mazatlan Mexico

The food scene in Mazatlan is unique in that not only does it have a wealth of seafood, but a large variety of fruits, vegetables and livestock all sourced within the state of Sinoloa.  This means that chefs in this area have the ability to create dishes that are truly fresh, flavorful and diverse.

Mazatlan Mexico

The inaugural Raices Culinarias “Culinary Roots” gastronomic forum was held this October in Mazatlan, which brought together top international chefs to share ideas, inspire each other and students. The goal being to learn from each other, how to use local ingredients in a different ways, discuss new cooking techniques and how to create a story around dishes, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience for guests not only with food, but with the whole atmosphere of a restaurant.

Mazatlan Mexico Raices Culinarias Culinary Roots 2015

Each chef at the forum has a different story and style behind their cooking that shapes their dishes. For chef Diego Bracerra, he serves traditional Mexican dishes with only  slight but impactful changes in his own childhood home in the historic downtown location of Plaza Machedo. His restaurant, El Presidio, tells a story in itself with a warm rustic atmosphere, complemented by modern touches. By making small changes to a traditional dish, he brings a new flavor but keeps the roots of the recipe celebrating the local history.

Mazatlan Mexico

Chef Mario, however, is embracing the international influence and opening up a brand new restaurant Casa 46, also located in Plaza Machado, with new, exciting flavors and presentations served in an upscale modern decor.

Not only is Mazatlan itself booming with at arousing fresh tastes, international chefs are taking these flavors home with them and utilizing them in their own restaurants, creating tantalizing Mazatlan inspired dishes.

Mazatlan Mexico

The first forum was a great success and according to Mazatlan tourism board president, Julio Birrueta, will continue on yearly in hopes of expanding the Mazatlan culinary culture, bringing food lovers from all over the world to experience this extraordinary food adventure themselves.

Time will tell if this “Mazatfusion” turns this beach town into the next worldwide must taste destination. If you get the opportunity, I would highly recommend visiting and experiencing not just the food, but the friendly culture of this colonial city on the beach.

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Thank you to the GoMazatlan and the Hotels Association for providing access to this special event, lodging and activities.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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