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Inspiration: Backyard Zen Garden

We have so many great partners here at Daily Dish Magazine and today we are pleasured to you a fantastic article by our friends at Modernize.com, Enjoy the article about Backyard Zen Gardens By Jane Blanchard! 


A backyard space should be an area where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, and

the Asian tradition of the Zen garden offers a template for how to create a wonderful outdoor

experience on your property. Zen gardens often combine water features, architectural points of

interest and green spaces that create unified artistic appeal. They’re simple and tasteful

allowing homeowners to build them with minimal budgets and less disruption to the surrounding



Water Features



Zen Gardens

Via Modernize.com


Nothing quite adds life to a backyard like a pond or a fountain. Water features help spread the

sun’s light across a property by reflecting it back, and the movement of the water makes the

light dance. A stocked pond allows homeowners to add the color and liveliness of fish to a

backyard. Water features can also add mellowing sounds to the backyard environment,

fostering a greater feeling of relaxation.




Zen Gardens

Via DigsDigs.com


The Zen garden places a stronger emphasis on architectural features than the traditional

Western garden. Zen gardens often feature statues, bridges and stone or gravel elements that

generate a great deal more visual interest. These features permit homeowners an opportunity to

express their individuality by selecting architectural features that suit their tastes for the garden.


An Extension of the Home


Zen Gardens

Via Modernize.com


Traditional Zen gardens often emphasize harmony between nature and man’s creation. Due to

the limited available space in many parts of Asia, gardens in that part of the world have often

needed to integrate with the surrounding structures and urban environments. A Zen garden can

make a lovely addition to a modernist home, especially in a cramped environment with limited

backyard space.




Zen Gardens

Via Modernize.com


A Zen garden can be an impressive feature even on a property that already has a lot of nearby

natural features. In fact, the historic tradition of the Asian garden is built on the idea of unifying

nature with architecture. A rural environment can be a superb place to build a Zen garden that

incorporates larger pieces of shrubbery and trees. The rustic setting allows architectural

elements to seem more whimsical, with a Buddha statue smiling down approval on the

gorgeous, green landscape. Less urban locations also offer homeowners a chance to build

bigger water features and to fashion larger and more open compositions.

Zen gardens have the ability to make a backyard stand out from the rest of the surrounding

properties. They promote a sense of peace and restedness, and that’s exactly what a backyard

should do. Zen gardens often feature simple and cost-effective elements, and these elements

can be added over time, allowing the project to become an ongoing effort. With a little bit of

inspiration, perhaps you can find a moment of Zen the next time you step into your backyard.


For more design ideas, head to Modernize.com.

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