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How to Start Your Day (and your gut) Off Right in the Morning

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This week I am super excited about working with Tropicana Essentials® Probiotics this post. I took the time to try it in order to give you my own opinion on this product and how it can impact your gut health. This juice is 100% fruit juice with no added sugar or artificial flavors plus added probiotics! I’m intrigued already.



Every morning I like to try and start my day off the right way, that means a healthy breakfast, vitamins, supplements, and of course probiotics to keep my gut digesting properly. Now it’s even easier adding one of the three available flavors of Tropicana Essentials® Probiotics!




I love that every 8 oz. serving delivers one billion live and active cultures to your gut (YES, I said 1 BILLION!) and provides you with a whole day’s serving of Vitamin C too!

My favorite is the Strawberry Banana… the flavor is bright and tangy. It has all the flavor of an expensive smoothie with the drinkability of a juice. I love the natural pink color too.




Working from home, it can be hard to make sure you stick to a routine and get the nutrients you need to start your day. So many days it’s easy to skip breakfast and start working and running errands even though I know it’s important to eat a balanced breakfast to make sure you have the energy to take on the day.

Now I can enjoy Tropicana Essentials® Probiotics easily with my breakfast before I start my day and take a few minutes to enjoy some fresh air on our patio taking some “me” time before the day to day chaos starts. I feel good about getting nutritious ingredients so conveniently which makes choosing healthy a no-brainer.



I picked up my Tropicana Essentials® Probiotics at my local Walmart in the refrigerated juice section. It is available in Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango, and Peach Passion. Each in a 32 oz. bottle.



By adding probiotics with Tropicana Essentials® Probiotics, you can start your gut off right in the mornings.


What flavor are you looking forward to trying? Leave a comment below!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tropicana Essentials® Probiotics.


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