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How to Start Preparing for Your Spring Garden

Spring garden time is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to get ready a little early, these tips will help you do so! Gardening is a rewarding experience if you stick with it and whether you’re a veteran gardener or a newbie gardener, there’s always something new to learn! Depending on what type of garden you’ll be growing, these tips may vary – but ultimately they should help you no matter what.


How To Start Preparing For Your Spring Garden


Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Spring Garden

Start planning!

The first step to preparing for your spring garden is planning. Decide what types of things you will grow in your garden (flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc.) because this will make a huge impact on the types of things you need to buy and also where you plant things.

Write down a list of all the things you plan to plant. Then, start researching which plants are compatible with each other and aren’t. Additionally, you may want to select a few flower plants that attract bees and deter pests even if you plan to grow only vegetables.

Having the bees in your garden to encourage pollination is crucial.


Pick up containers.

If you’ll be doing your spring garden in containers this year, start stocking up on containers. You don’t need to buy these brand new necessarily so feel free to scope out thrift stores and yard sales for great containers for your garden! As long as they are able to drain, they can look however you want! If you aren’t planning to use containers for your spring garden, now is a great time to start collecting supplies for other types of gardening like raised beds.



Spring cleaning is important for gardening too. Now is the time to clear out your greenhouse, get rid of old dead plants from last year, and any other “housekeeping” tasks! Don’t forget to fix fences and things that will be crucial to keeping your plants safe from intruders as well.



If you’ll be using compost for your garden, now is the time to set up those compost bins or buckets! Get your compost going now so it’ll be ready to use during the spring. It’s also great to get in the habit of composting things if you’ve never done it before. This way, when spring comes, you’ll be a seasoned pro!


Not much longer now – it’s almost time for that spring garden! If this is your first spring garden, what would you like to know about gardening? Have questions? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Growing vegetables and flowers in the garden is a good Idea. The majority of my garden is filled with flowers and vegetables. Recently I have also grown Mangos, Pomegranate and Guava trees.

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