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How to Drastically Reduce Travel Costs

If you’re looking to travel or enjoy a vacation this year, you might be wondering how to get the most bang for your buck and reduce travel costs! There are certainly different ways to do this depending on your form of travel, but today, we’ll be sharing some of the most helpful tips to help you reduce travel costs!



Tips To Reduce Travel Costs


If you’re flying, you’ll likely be looking for the best deals anyway, but here are a few tips to help you get the best deal on tickets!

1. Book your trips on Tuesdays.
Most people aren’t traveling mid-week because of work or other obligations so Tuesday flights are almost always cheaper than any other day. It’s also cheaper to search for your tickets on those days, because prices tend to drop across the board on that day.

2. Use an incognito browser!
If you look multiple times on the same airline or ticket website, the price will likely get bumped up the more you look. Use an incognito browser to avoid this. That way, the website will not store cookies and remember that you were looking for flights before.

3. Red eye flights!
If you have the choice, red eye flights are usually cheaper. They aren’t always convenient, but if you have that as an option, you can usually save a little money!


1. Pack snacks!
Nothing breaks the bank while traveling quite like convenience food. Buying your food and snacks at gas stations and fast food drive thru places will cost a lot of money and it adds up quick! Consider buying a cooler and filling it with snacks and sandwich ingredients to save money! Not only will you be able to reduce travel costs, you’ll also be able to eat a little healthier too!

2. Plan gas stops.
If you have an app like Gas Buddy or have an idea of where you’ll be stopping for gas, it’ll be a little easier to budget. Plan your gas stops ahead of time so you won’t have to search for the best deal on the road!

3.Take turns driving!
If you’ve got a long road trip ahead of you, consider taking turns driving with your passenger if you have the option. Rather than fork out the cash for a hotel room at night, taking turns driving and sleeping can get you to your destination faster and reduce travel costs! The other option is stopping to sleep at rest stops if you feel comfortable and safe enough to do so.


What other ways do you reduce travel costs on vacations or trips?

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