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How to Create a Family Gallery Wall

Today I want to share with you an EASY way to 
create a gallery wall of family photos.
For years, we have had our family photos hanging at the top of our second floor hallway in our house.
But they didn’t always look so nice.  
They were a collection of different types of frames…none of them matching.
A few years ago, I decided to tackle our gallery wall.
I took all the frames down and spray painted them all black to match. 
Well, my husband spray painted them.  



What a difference just a little spray paint created.

Here is our family gallery wall now…
Here are a few tips for creating your own gallery wall…
1.  Choose what YOU like.
It doesn’t have to be all photos. Get creative!
(Source:  Bless’er House)
2.  Place your larger frames first and
 then fill in with smaller frames…
(Source:  No Place Like Home)
3.  Go ahead and use different frames.
I chose to use all the same color frames, but this mixture 
from Christy Martin Photography looks great…
4.  Try to space all of your pictures about the 
same distance apart from one another.
(Source:  Rachel Myers)
5.  Plan out how you want to hang the photos before you
reach for the hammer and nail.  
Here’s a great example from 320 Sycamore for laying our and hanging a gallery wall
using paper templates.  This way you can move them around and get them
in the correct position without damaging your wall with tons of nail holes…
Another fun way to get some layout ideas is found HERE
Above all…have fun! 
So why not spend some time this weekend gathering together
all your favorite family photos and design your own
family gallery wall!  
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