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How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally

It’s so easy to clean a cutting board naturally, you’ll do it all the time!

How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally!


I am a germaphobe. Yep. I said it. I’m coming out. I took one too many science classes and I am super paranoid about bacteria from food, especially on cutting boards. 

The problem is, who wants to use dish soap or harm chemicals that leave a film and a terrible taste behind on your cutting board? Won’t that also contaminate your food? 

The solution is easy my friends. Once I discovered this simple little trick, my life has never been the same! 

You might think I’m exaggerating but I’m not! I LOVE this simple solution to clean your cutting board naturally and it smells so good! 

How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally



What you need:



Sprinkle the coarse salt onto your cutting board.


How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally!


Take your lemon, cut in half and place on top of the salt on cutting board face down


How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally!


Squeeze the lemon gently as you apply light pressure and work salt into the surface of the cutting board in a circular motion. 


How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally!


The salt scours the surface and removes embedded debris and bacteria. 

Let sit for 5-10 minutes.

Scrape dirty fluid from the surface with the scraper into the sink.

Gently rinse in warm water with a clean sponge. 

Dry with a clean cloth.


How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally!


Done! You might actually be mortified the first time you do this and see how much dirty ickiness (yes, that’s a word) that you see come off your cutting board! 


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How to Clean a Cutting Board Naturally!


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