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Homemade Spice Jars

Homemade Spice Jars/ Daily Dish Magazine #spicejars #DIY #crafts

Homemade Spice Jars

I love Starbucks Frappuccinos and often buy them when I am traveling or even just to have at home.  I also keep every single jar which drives my husband crazy.  I am always telling him, you never know when you need them.  I use them when I have extra sauces or dressings that I make because they are perfect for that.  The other day I was getting my spices out of the cupboard, which are shoved every which way as a lot of them are in bags and I had an AHA MOMENT!  I  can make homemade spice jars and possibly my spices then would be organized (I really don’t think so) and neat in my cupboard or on my spice rake.  The Frappuccinos come in two different size bottles so I am thinking this will work just perfect.

Off I went to gather my supplies.  I have wanted to paint on glass for a long time and this was the perfect time to start.  I also had some Martha Stewart Stencils that I bought from Michael that were still sitting in their packages just waiting for this opportunity and I always have some type of paint lying around the house… Perfect…

Supplies to make Homemade Spice Jars/ Daily Dish Magazine


Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles (or any type of jar or bottle would work)

Glass Paint ~ I used Americana Gloss Enamels

Stencils ~ I used Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Stencils

paint brush, sponge or pouncer

Plastic for table


Clean bottles and remove labels.  I used Goo Be Gone to get the labels and glue off.  Remove Stencil from backing and place on bottle where you want it.  Apply a small amount of paint to paint brush, sponge or pouncer and pounce or lightly tap paint onto stencil.  Remove stencil before paint is dry.  Clean stencil and brush with soap and water.  Repeat stencil as you want for pattern, making sure that paint is dry from where you had placed the stencil first so that you don’t smear it.  You can also apply a second stencil over the first as I did to add flowers over the leaves.  Paint lids.  You can also label your spices with either a paint brush or marker

Homemade Spice Jars/ Daily Dish Magazine #spicejars #DIY #crafts


These would make great gifts in a jar.   Other ways that you can use these Starbuck Bottles is to make Homemade Coffee Creamers  


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