If there is one item in my kitchen that I just can not live without, it is my Nespresso Pixie.  It is a super high quality espresso machine that is SO easy to use and creates the perfect shots with a nice foam top.   The drawback, that the only coffee pods available were from the Nespresso website.  Until now!  HiLine Coffee Company has just introduced their new line of Nespresso Capsules in multiple flavors at a very reasonable price! 

I’ve had a chance to try all of the flavors that were sent to me as samples and to be honest, they are all great.  Sometimes I can not taste the difference in a light roast to a bold roast in coffee pods, but with these HiLine Pods, I felt like when I picked the light roast, it was not too strong, and the bolder coffee was definitely bold.  I LOVE that I can actually pick what is best for my particular drink or what suits my mood.  

HiLine Coffee Company Nespresso Coffee Capsules

HiLine Coffee Company is a New York based company and the Nespresso Pods are named rightly so.  I tried the: 

  • Brooklyn Medium Brown
  • Central Park Decaf
  • Chelsea Light Brown
  • Liberty Dark
  • Times Square Dark
  • Wall Street Dark
  • United Nations Decaf

In each box you get 10 Nespresso Capsules for $4.99.  That’s only 50 cents each! What a HUGE savings over going to your local coffee shop for excellent quality coffee. 

My next order is most definitely being made with HiLine Coffee Company! 

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