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Do you garden?

Like many cooks, I love to grow as much of my own food as possible. There is nothing like the fresh picked basil tossed into a Caprese salad or the smell of fresh thyme in your spaghetti sauce. Fresh tomatoes and peppers in all colors make your mouth water. Snap beans that actually snap. Can’t beat that either.   
I know not everyone has the space. Over the years that sometimes meant herbs in window boxes or on sills and tomatoes tucked into corners on the porch. Container or in ground gardens can be very rewarding.
Not everyone likes to grow their own food. Nothing wrong with that, either.
Over the next few weeks, I’ll focus mainly on home food gardens. Plants directly transplanted or seeded into the ground or containers each have special needs for light, soil, water and fertilizer.
Here’s a survey to get the ball rolling. I welcome any comments or questions you have and will answer them in upcoming columns.
Send your questions to me at subject line Garden Sense Have fun with the survey. I’ll compare results to the national average. Spoiler alert: Only 49% of the nation has lawns or gardens. Hmm gets you thinking!
Happy Gardening,

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