Happy Family ~ Happy Squeeze ~ Not Just for the Kids!

Not long ago I visited VegFest in Seattle.  It was there that I discovered Happy Family products.  While many of the products are made for kids, they have products that appeal to all ages.  What got me excited was the Happy Squeeze.  

Happy Squeeze

Happy Squeeze are awesome little portable pouches of power packed goodness.  Yep… that’s a mouthful but it’s 100% true.  The grab and go pouches are not only great for young ones while running around to the park, on the way to school, before sports games, etc… they are great for the grown ups as well.  

Every pouch contains about 1/2 cup of fruit plus many have even more added nutritional value as well. 

Happy Squeeze Caramel Apple


Both my kids and I tried these and I actually ended up taking them myself for breakfasts on the run, which is typical for me!  I even threw one in my gym bag to give me a quick snack on my way to work out.  

Visit the Happy Family Brands Website for more info on ALL the products and visit the Happy Squeeze page for all the fun flavors available in the fun to go pouches! 



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