Halloween Burlap Banner #halloweencraft #halloween #burlap

Halloween Burlap Banner

Halloween Burlap Banner/ Daily Dish Magazine #burlap #halloween

I had some scraps of burlap that I was wondering what I would do with.  As I was thinking of what I should do with it, banner flags came into mind.   I also had just bought some small letters from Michaels Store that were perfect for this project.   The letter were on sale – I paid $1.00 for 52 letters.  So with the burlap and the letters I came up with this Halloween Burlap Banner.


Burlap – I used scraps enough to make 14 pennants 


Covered wire (I found some in the flower craft department at Walmart)




Cut out 14 pennants from burlap.  I just eyeballed my first one, making it about 2.5 inches X 4 inches rectangle and then cutting a triangle to one side.  You could find a template on line.  Fray the top and the sides about 1/4 inch in.

Glue letters to the center of each pennant.

Glue or tape each pennant onto the covered wire.  I taped mine as then I can reuse the pennants for other banners.  

The hardest part I found was trying to put this on my fireplace.  I used taped to do it and will try to find something to cover the tape.. Maybe some spiders.

Other Halloween decorations on my mantle are Halloween Countdown and the Jar Ghosts and Pumpkins I will post later.

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