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Guns and Ammo Garage ~ A Unique “Girls NIght Out” in Las Vegas

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Our adventures in Las Vegas continue with some fun activities outside of food.  We took a visit to the Guns and Ammo Garage.  While the “typical” Vegas Vacation consists of fancy hotels, gambling and shows, we found a unique experience that should NOT be missed. 

The Guns and Ammo Garage is right off the strip and is packed full of fun.  I have grown up with camping and shooting guns but this is an entirely different experience. 

Once you arrive ( we arrived by their shuttle that picked us up at our desired location) you enter into the “store” area.  Toward the back you enter the shooting range.  You can watch others shooting as you select what you would like to shoot. All the guns are on display and the selection is BIG!   


We all started to get really excited watching a group of men shooting what I’m assuming as some kind of a machine gun that lit up the room when it fired.  The look on their faces said it all.  Once in a lifetime experience. 

We had a chance to shoot a handgun (Glock) and an Uzi.  One of our gals paid a bit extra for the experience of shooting a grenade launcher too! 

I started with the handgun and while my shot was so much better than I expected, I got a little surprise in the process… note to self…wear a tighter shirt next time I go shooting so hot shells don’t fall into my bra!  Yep, those little shells are HOT and it jumped right down my shirt.  Thankfully your personal gun trainer is standing right next to you the whole time and she was able to take the gun from me when I started to panic! 


Next came the Uzi and that really was a fun experience. Totally different than shooting a handgun.  If I were in a real combat situation, all you would have to do is duck because with the kick of the gun, I barely hit the target at all! 


Guns really have never been my thing and I will admit they intimidate me a bit.  This was a really great way to get to know and feel a bit more comfortable handling them.  It was not a shop full of macho men by any means either, there were just as many women there as men, young and old.  

I’d highly recommend paying them a a visit at the Guns and Ammo Garage


Disclaimer: We were given the opportunity to shoot at the garage free of charge in exchange for an honest review of our experience. 

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