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Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic gardening is becoming more and more popular among home gardeners and has so many benefits to you and the health of your family, as well as the environment. It’s easier than you think to grow an organic vegetable garden!


Why Grown an Organic Vegetable Garden


Why Grow and Organic Vegetable Garden?

1. No Additives. Research by organic food associations has shown that additives in our food can cause heart diseases, osteoporosis, migraines, and hyperactivity.

2. No Pesticides & Synthetic Fertilizers. These chemicals are used throughout the growing process and have proven to be harmful to humans.

3. No Genetically Modified Crops. Antibiotics and hormones are used to produce larger crops. Often this changes the flavor, but more importantly, you, in turn, may ingest some of the antibiotics and hormones as well potentially impacting your health.

4. You’ll be Healthier! You know exactly what into your vegetables, free of harsh chemicals and hormones, and you get a bit of exercise while planting, caring and picking as well!

5. Your Food Will Taste Better! The use of chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones changes the outcome of your vegetables including the taste. An organically grown veggie boasts all the flavor nature intended!

6. Environment-Friendly. Going “green” when you garden is friendlier to the environment without all chemicals affecting the soil. 

7. Self Sustainable. By growing your own organic veggie garden, you provide yourself with a plethora of nourishing food that you can eat all season long. Freeze and can your leftovers to eat year round, or participate in an exchange with like-minded gardeners in your area.

8. You’ll Save Money! Growing your own garden saves you money from buying from the market!


To supplement your garden naturally, you can easily make compost from garden and kitchen waste. Investing in a small compost bin is a great way to reduce waste as well!

Using animal manure which has been aged for at least 30 days or composted is also a great natural fertilizer source. If you don’t have a farm with animals, no worries, manure is typically available at most garden retailers.

Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding. Although your veggies may not have the perfect shape, size, and “glossy” finish you find in the market, the benefits of growing your crops as nature intended is worth it.


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