Fresh lettuce in winter can be as close as your windowsill.


Have you heard about re-growing lettuce from the ends of used heads? It is the same principle as harvesting leaf lettuce by just snipping off leaves and waiting for new ones to fill in.
Romaine lettuce is a popular choice to attempt regrowth. Cut the leaves off the head about 2 inches from the base. Place the bottom in a jar or glass. Add water to cover about 1 inch deep.
Rinse the head and change the water every other day. Place in a area that receives a fair amount of sunlight.
You should see new leaves forming within a few days.
Scallions and celery are also easy to regrow.
I’m going to give regrowing lettuce a shot. Join me and we can compare pictures starting next week!
Here is an update on those paperwhites!
winnie paperwhite planter

paperwhites pooh

A bit of green inside can help offset those gray day doldrums. Blooms, fresh herbs or lettuce grown indoors renews the promise that spring is around the corner. Enjoy!

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