green thumb

Green thumbs unite! Ours is a unique condition. It doesn’t matter whether your skills stretch back to when you were a little sprout, or acquired with a stack of greenbacks, plant people look at things differently.
A gardener’s hope springs eternal. Who else but green thumbs scour the globe for new varieties of plants that already don’t grow well in our yard?
In rain and snow and sleet and hail, you’ll find three types of people. Mail Carriers, TV weathermen and gardeners. A dedicated green thumb will put on three layers of clothes to go out and cover emerging perennials; but only open the door far enough to scoot out the dog.
A true green thumb’s second language is Latin. Rosae sunt rubrae, violae sunt caeruleae, saccharum est dulce, et sices tu! (Here’s a hint: Roses are red… 🙂 )
Only a green thumb’s “tea” party would include manure and compost. Face it, no one is going to eat the cookies.
But like in karate, there are various levels to becoming a true green thumb. Gardeners climb the trellis by earning their colors. Let’s take the battle of the weeds for example. Is your backyard a “weed-free zone” or “weed-me zone”?

Raise your green thumbs against this chart to show your expertise in weed control.

green thumb

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