Gourmet Smoked Salts

Smoked sea salt
Smoked sea salt (Photo credit: GNIKRJ)

 Smoked salts are nothing more than coarse salt with smoked flavor added. The best ones are made with seas salt that is naturally dried in the sun. This process evaporates the water and leaves behind pure salt. Impurities tend to leave with the water.
Smoking salt brings a depth of flavor to the salt and works best as a finishing salt. The most common used woods are hickory, mesquite, alderwood and applewood.
True smoked salt is created by burning the wood and allowing the smoke to flavor the salt as you would do with meat. Some commercially smoked salt is flavored with liquid smoke and dried.
Here is a tutorial from This American Bite to make your own smoked salt.
Sprinkle smoked salts on any dish as a finishing salt when you want to add a smoky flavor. Grilled foods can benefit from a sprinkle. Use these salts instead of bacon in soups like potato or seafood chowders.
Remember if you are on a salt-restricted diet that naturally smoked salts count the same as regular salt.

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