Spring is here and your garden is waking up from its long winter’s nap. How does your garden wake up? Is it a cheery morning type garden or a Grumpy Gus?
Okay by now you are probably thinking that I fell off the deep end into the crazy pool, but take a minute and think about all the life teeming below the surface.
Beneficial microorganisms spent the winter using soil nutrients to degrade carbon into useful materials. In other words, they were busy working all winter long. What that means for your garden is it is hungry! Time for breakfast!
The best way to find out what your garden’s soil needs to thrive is to do a soil test. You can obtain soil test kits at your local county cooperative extension office, at most garden centers or online. Learn more about doing a soil test here .
Over winter your soil probably froze and thawed many times. This action heaved the ground and then settled it again. What those changes do is compact the soil. Your garden will definitely benefit from adding mature compost at this time. Depending on your soil type, a bit of sand will also help loosen the soil so roots have an easier time getting established.
Helping your soil wake up and get ready for planting will reward you with a bountiful harvest all season long!

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