I finally did it. After years of hearing all about the Chippendale’s I finally had the opportunity to go see for myself if all the hype is real.  Are these hunky men really all that and a bag of chips? 

Chippendale's Las Vegas

We were given passes on our Las Vegas Media Tour so of course we took them up on the offer to come and see the boys in action.  To get ready for the show there is a small boutique next to the main entrance that you can buy all the swag you could dream of.  If you really want to get up close and personal, this is when you buy your tiara and sash to get you noticed.  Let them know you are celebrating a birthday or party and your chances of getting “special treatment” will go up. 

While you wait for seating to start, there is a cute little lounge where you can purchase drinks to take into the show.  Ask the bartender for the specialties of the house.  They have really inappropriate names but taste really delicious! 

Now for the show to start!! 

The show basically is a series of musical performances (a lot of dancing and lip syncing) showcasing the men dressed in just about every fantasy a lady can have.  Construction workers: Yes.  Gothic and Bondage: Yes. Men in Uniform: Yes. Cowboys: Yes…. well, you get the picture.

Chippendale's Las Vegas ~ Construction Workers

At special points in the show, they select volunteers to come up on stage.  I will warn you.  Do not be picked if you have any inhibitions and do not want to be touched by men you don’t know!  I personally would just die if I was selected and asked to do what those gals did! 

Even if you are in the audience… you are not safe and there is a good chance you will still get up close and personal with the guys. Yep, even seated in the back row 2 of the 4 of us were hugged and kissed on the cheek (blush).  One more word of caution… if you are in the back row… watch your back or you may get spanked as well! 

Chippendale's Las Vegas ~ Cowboys

While this is not my usual choice for a night out, the parties that were there were having a blast and ladies were swooning all over the place.  It was a diverse group of bachelorette parties, birthday parties and girls night out groups of all ages.  I will admit it was entertaining and way more than I expected.  It is definitely not a show for the shy, but that’s to be expected in Las Vegas right? 

When I got home, I had some fun and passed out some swag to my friends and family as Christmas gifts. The look on their face was priceless.  Especially my somewhat conservative mother when she opened her calendar! 


The playing cards came in handy too for our family poker tournament.  The men had fun judging the Chippy’s and comparing them to themselves, and the girls were so distracted by the cards they didn’t focus and play all that well! 

If you are looking for some fun next time your in Vegas and you want to get a bit rowdy with the girls, then the Chippendale’s Show is a must see.  If you go to the later showing, the men come into the lounge to sign autographs and take pics too! 


Disclaimer: We attended this show free of charge as part of our media tour of Las Vegas with ENMNetwork.  All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. 

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